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People I've Worked For

As a Senior Product Designer at Nasdaq, I was responsible for design, development and problem solving for new & existing Nasdaq products and services. I was also an Information Architect at HID Global, and Web Designer for The Outdoor Channel (GPAA Show).

Nasdaq Portfolio

As a Senior Product Designer at Nasdaq, I was responsible for user experience, user interviews, front-end development of functional prototypes, and development assistance.

IR Insight

IR Insight was the product of over three years of design and user research. My role primarily consisted of prototype development and design deliverables to our development teams. We created our functional prototypes using node.js, and I was one of the lead code contributors to the project.

Nasdaq Pattern Library

At Nasdaq we had a very large team of designers, and it was sometimes difficult to maintain a standard for our code and style guidlines, so we created the Nasdaq Pattern Library. In it contained requirements for code quality and consistency in fonts and colors. This insured our product line was always cohesive, and designers had a go-to resource for guidline information.

IR Insight - Reporting

PR Content Submission

PR Content Submission was designed to replace an outdated process of customers sending sensitive press release content via email to Globenewswire's editors. PR Content Submission became a brand new product in the Nasdaq product offering that lead to the acquisition of Globenewswire to West Corp.

PR Editorial

PR Editorial allowed editors to work on customer's press releases as tasks and jobs in the system. This completely replaced the email correspondence workflow they had prior. This also lead to the acquisition of Globenewswire to West Corp because of it's success.


We built a research managment system to track our customer interviews and assign tasks for our coworkers. We built Mosaiq using Wordpress, and provided a public link for other teams who also wished to manage their research contacts and material.

React Work

Crypto Company

I created an async real-time auctioning dashboard for a crypto affiliate who shall remain anonymous. I built a myriad of tools and mining dashboards using React, Redux and the Web3 Ethereum library. To see more of this work please email me at we@solllve.com

Miscellaneous Design

I've worked on a myriad of web design projects over the years. I have both worked for myself fulltime, and have done several contract projects with multiple companies and individuals, doing either development, design or both.

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